Московская государственная академическая филармония

Dear patrons! Please check out the procedure for returning tickets to concerts
canceled due to the ban on holding public events announced in Moscow. 
We wish you good health. Take care.

Changes to Calendar

Dear Patrons,
concerts of 2019-2020 season in all halls of the Moscow Philharmonic are canceled. Some concert programs will be rescheduled, their list and new dates will be announced later.

The procedure for returning tickets is published on our website.
We wish you all good health. Take care.

Your Moscow Philharmonic

Contestants of 3rd All-Russian Competition for Symphony Orchestra Artists

A list of musicians who have passed on the face-to-face tours of the Third All-Russian Competition of Symphony Orchestra Artists has been published. A complete list of participants by specialty is presented on the website rnmso.ru


Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, 20:00


"Melomane" — almanac of Moscow Philharmonic. No. 4
"Melomane" — almanac of Moscow Philharmonic. No. 3
"Melomane" — almanac of Moscow Philharmonic. No. 2
"Melomane" — almanac of Moscow Philharmonic. No. 1

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